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New Epson Projectors Display In 1080P and 3D, Require Dorky Glasses

Illustration for article titled New Epson Projectors Display In 1080P and 3D, Require Dorky Glasses

Videophiles that prefer the tiny package of a projector should take a look at Epson's new PowerLite Pro Cinema 6010 or its refreshed Home Cinema models. Not only do they display 1080P, some models support 2D to 3D video conversion.


The Pro Cinema 6010 and Home Cinema 5010 are the premiere models for those with a slug of extra cash. The two models have a contrast ratio of up to 200,000:1 and deliver up to 2,400 lumens of color. They also convert 2D video to 3D on the fly and include Epson-specific video enhancements like Super Resolution and FineFrame technology. Prices on these models range from $3000 to $4000 with the higher-end package including accessories like ceiling mounts, a cable cover and two pairs of 3D glasses.

On the lower end is the Home Cinema 3010 which retails for $1600. The 3010 has a contrast ratio of up to 40,000:1 and delivers up to 2,200 lumens of color. The 3010 supports 2D and 3D video, but does not convert it on the fly. This model also includes two 10W speakers and two pairs of 3D glasses.


All three models will be available in time for the holiday shopping season with the 3010 hitting retail shelves in October and the 6010/5010 arriving in November. [Epson via Engadget]

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Doesn't say if it is active or passive 3D glasses. If it were passive I think this could be awesome!