Asian Man Prepares A Meal With His MacBook Air

Apparently, the MacBook Air is so thin you can use it as a knife to prepare a meal. I wouldn't try this with my MacBook, but Sakaiehita certainly did.


He used his razor-thin notebook to slice and dice mushrooms, cut an apple, chop cabbage, peel a carrot and even de-vein a shrimp. Sadly, the MacBook could not make the cut with some food items including the slimy fat of bacon.

You can check out his culinary adventure and the resulting delicious-looking meal on his blog. It's worth it to see the MBA at work in the kitchen. There's even a cameo appearance of the iPhone in this food-themed post. [Mochrom via YouTube and Federico Viticci (@viticci)]

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I remember when it came out and Giz tried to cut cheese or cake with it... those were good times :')