How to Confound Traffic Using the Cross Walk Button, and More from TreeHugger

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We dish on what Steve Jobs did right, what Tim Cook could do right, the mysterious disappearance of a Fukushima robot operator's blog, iPads taking over airlines, and more!

1. Tesla's Elon Musk Bets $1 Million (for Charity) that Model S Will be Ready on Time

Since all the money is going to charity, I'm hoping that Tesla misses its target, if only by a few months.


2. Another Airline Switches from Paper to iPads, But Are The Savings Worth It?
The iPads will replace about 38 pounds of paper in the cockpit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 3,208 metric tons. But when you stop to think that the savings is equivalent to about two people flying across the country, is the savings really worth it?

3. The Robot Diaries: Fukushima Robot Operator Tells All (Until His Blog Mysteriously Vanishes)
The operator of one of the robots that are being using in the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has been blogging about his experience, until one day about a month ago, after the blog received more social media exposure, everything disappeared.

4. Watch How The Virginia Earthquake Waves Ripple Across the US (Video)
Without realizing it, we feel the effects of the quake to some degree all the way across the country.

5. Virginia's Earthquake-Triggered Nuclear Reactor Shutdown Explained
Or, everything happened as it was supposed to, and here's why.


6. 5 Noteworthy Green Moments in Steve Jobs' Time as Apple CEO
A whole lot of stuff Steve Jobs did right.

7. 7 Ways Tim Cook Could Make Apple Better Than Ever
A whole lot of stuff Tim Cook could do right.


8. Would You Pay for Solar on Someone Else's Land? Community Solar Gardens on the Rise
Now there's also an increasing interest in "solar gardens" that allow energy users to invest in solar on someone else's property and still reap the economic rewards.

9. Isn't this the Coolest Bike-Only Bridge Ever? (Video)
You want to ride this.

10 UK Man Mounts Traffic War Using Pedestrian Crosswalk Button (And Wins. Sort Of.)
Last year, working in shifts, a number of the town's residents kept the button continually pressed, and at one point had a miles-long traffic jam of trucks (called "lorries" in the UK) and autos stretching back out of town. Devious.


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The idiot with the crosswalk button is a real prat. To protest traffic, he jammed up a bunch of other people and created unsafe conditions for drivers. He should be fined, not commended.

The town has been trying to reduce congestion with a bypass, but the very same people complaining have blocked that too.