Would You Really Cut Off Your Own Arm for a Robotic One?

Filmmaker Rob Spence, otherwise known as the Eyeborg, has been toying with robotics for some time. Now, with the help of some engineers, he has a robotic eye that can record near everything he sees. He thinks voluntary prosthesis is the future.


Now, we've made some remarkable strides in replacing the lost body parts of people. But I don't know if I'd volunteer to have my legs cut off just so I could jump higher. Call me old-fashioned. [Sky News via I Heart Chaos]


Ceric Neesh

I'm both an h+ and someone with a relatively rare form of BIID. I don't feel like my right arm is my "correct" arm, and I do feel that it should be able to do things that are only possible with a prosthesis that's possible only five or ten years from now. Is it something I'd consider doing once the technology is available? Yes, consider. I'm not sure if I actually would, though.