Amazon's Tablet May Cost "Hundreds" Less Than the iPad

Illustration for article titled Amazons Tablet May Cost Hundreds Less Than the iPad

According to the New York Post, when Amazon releases its tablet in the next few months, they're not just going to be cost competitive. They're going to be cost kamikaze.

The Posts's source said that the Amazon tablet will cost "hundreds" less than the iPad—whose cheapest model weighs in at $500—currently does. A $300 (or lower!) price point isn't necessarily unheard of; Vizio's 8-incher can be had for $330. But it's definitely aggressive, especially for a (reportedly) 9-inch Android tablet made by a company that actually cranks out solid hardware?

We've already seen what rock-bottom pricing can do to sales of a decent tablet. And even though no one's supposing that Amazon's giving theirs away for a hundred bucks, there's got to be a magic number in there, a balance between quality and cost, that no one's managed to scratch yet. But a $250 tablet that's 75% as good as the iPad? That'd be pretty special. [NYP]


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Can you hook up normal USB devices to a tablet with a USB?

I am thinking specifically of Hard Drives with movies & a USB DAC like the NuForce uDAC-2?