What Will Happen to Apple Without Steve Jobs?

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Steve Jobs has abruptly quit as Apple's chief. It's hard to imagine a man more synonymous with the company he created and ran, and his savvy and futuristic genius are undeniable. So what happens to Apple now?


Would Apple have ever created the iMac, iPod, iPhone, or iPad without Jobs? Can they create the next ________ without him? Is putting so much faith, allowing such a cult of personality, healthy for a corporation? Will Tim Cook continue Jobs' trajectory, or make the company his own? What will Apple, and the future of technology, do without the things that Jobs might have dreamt up and made real? We don't know. Any ideas?


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First effect: Stock crash. They've been way overvalued for a long time.

Second effect: long term market share loss. They have a solid team, but the fact is the man who got them where they are is now gone. This won't be immediate- I'm talking 2 years into the future, most likely- but they'll start to lose ground as competition catches up. Is this directly attributable to Jobs leaving? Probably not, because everything comes in cycles, but you never know. It will be interesting to see them from here on out though.