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Who Knew Cutting Meat Could Be Such an Intense Competition

The Texas Roadhouse Meat Cutting Challenge is an event that brings in the best butchers from around the country to compete with one another to see who can cut meat precisely while still making it pretty pretty and delicioso.


I know cutting fine pieces of meat with samurai worthy knives is a meticulous science, an inch here and an inch there and you might done eff things up. But boy! Being on a time limit (which the cutting challenge puts the contestants on) makes it an exercise in sweat stressing chaos. One thing I love: how all the butchers, without fail, casually toss/plop the blob of meat on the scale after they're done. Like a 'HAH take that' moment. [YouTube]

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Here's a good polo playing buddy of mine, Mike the Butcher. He cuts up pigs.

Vegans/vegetarians/people who get offended at the sight of meat... need not apply.