This Dog Photo Is Made With Her Own Ashes

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This photo of a dead dog named Sussie was printed using her ashes. It's really creepy, but I kind of want the same thing done to me when I die.


You know, just for kicks and to piss off whoever has to keep the photo forever.

It seems that the people from Skrekkogle—who is now offering this service online—use a modified printer and some alchemy to create these photographs.

But why would you like a photo of your dogs or cats made with their ashes once they are dead? Why would you need to turn a pet into a fetish, a gross cult object? Apparently, many people have that urge, turning their dogs, cats and whatever other pet into objects made with ashes, from sculptures to USB keys. That or turning them into furry, lifeless statues using taxidermy.

Would you do it with yours? [Skrekkogle via PopPhoto]

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My Jack Russel Terrier (best dog I've ever had) had to be put down recently. The vet offered his ashes but I declined. We all have to face the death of a loved one at some point in our lives, and I don't see how hanging onto the remains makes it any easier. I left the vet office without the ashes but full of very fond memories of my dog. I have a lot of photos and videos of his life to look back on. That's what's important to me.

The kinds of things I read about people doing (stuffing, cloning, and now printing with ashes) is just strange and disturbing to me.

Life is like the chapters of a book, and eventually a chapter ends and you have to find a way to move on to the next.

This is just how I look at it. I respect everyone else's choices of course, even if I don't understand them.