Stephen Colbert Made It to Space—Sort Of

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Perhaps MakerBot felt bad for Stephen Colbert after Nasa failed to name their new toilet after him. Whatever the reason, he can't complain about a 3D-printed bust of his head being sent off to space.


Well, as far "up" as a weather balloon enabled it to. As MakerBot thought to attach a Flip camcorder and cellphone with GPS, they were able to film the balloon's flight, and track its journey.

MakerBot's founder Bre Pettis is appearing on the Colbert Report soon, which is why they've been busy making 3D-printed copies of Colbert's head. Hopefully the relevant hijinks will ensue. [MakerBot]

Update: Actually, Bre's already been on the Colbert Report!



As brilliant as that is, all I could think of, well, was this....