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A Bag to Lock Away the Disgusting Stink of Your Workout Clothes

Illustration for article titled A Bag to Lock Away the Disgusting Stink of Your Workout Clothes

Your workout clothes and the bag you carry them in are probably a damp, disgusting mess. So it'll be nice if this odor-killing bag from Stuffits actually delivers on its promise to simultaneously dry out your clothes and neutralize their stink.


The bag uses the same tech as Stuffitts' shoe inserts. Basically, it's a packet of a proprietary blend of gross-eating wood, oil, and potpourri. It'll be on sale in November for $20. [Stuffitts via GearJunkie]

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People that keep saying, "Just shower and wash your clothes!" have clearly never played (or thought of) rugby - which this bag could be perfect for.

Not only are you combining your own sweat with dirt, mud, and sometimes rain - you're combining your sweat with the sweat and dirt of other people, which results in a stench that exists nowhere else in the world (even in women's rugby).

I will spend the 20 bones on this bag just to see how well it works for spring season.

ETA: There's also something about many of those dri-fit articles of clothing that it's HARD to get the smell out sweat out of. Hot water, Tide (with Febreze), soaking...there's still a sliiiight linger (I have the nose of a bloodhound).