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Tokyo Flash's Eye-Poppin' 3D Watch Isn't Actually 3D

Illustration for article titled Tokyo Flashs Eye-Poppin 3D Watch Isnt Actually 3D

Tokyo Flash has turned another watch from concept to reality, and this one's 3D! Well, kind of. Using an optical illusion rather than the kind of 3D we normally see on Giz's pages, the time appears to leap out in a 3D cube.


It comes in seven different color combos with a stainless steel strap, and will cost $119 until tomorrow, and then $145 thereafter. Just don't attempt to read the time wearing a pair of anaglyph glasses—you may stop time completely. [Tokyo Flash]

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Again with the Tokyo Flash watches. I may be out of touch, but I think Gizmodo loves these things more than other people. Do people actually buy these watches?