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A Map of Every London Riot Zone

Illustration for article titled A Map of Every London Riot Zone

Bad things are happening in England. Angry kids are smashing, burning, and bottle-throwin' their way through London and its suburbs. Right now. Are you in London? Are you near London? Are you worried about London? See where the trouble's percolating.


This special edition Google Map is being updated live with reports of looting, rioting, arrests, and general citizen rowdiness. If you've got a (credible) report of riot action, tweet it to @jamescridland, and he'll update accordingly. And to all of our readers in London, please stay safe. Thanks Saurabh

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The Kaiser Chiefs were right.

Supposedly it's spreading to more and more places. Birmingham is pretty much confirmed, and a friend of mine says there's helicopters over Bristol, and there are facebook-rumors about riots on the city center there.