Is Howard Stern Responsible For Pirated Super 8 Release?

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As many of you know, it's not uncommon for recent cinema releases to show up on torrent sites. What's unusual here is that the watermark of the high-quality torrent Super 8 appears to point the finger at one Howard Stern.


Screenshots of the torrented movie show that a watermark of "H. Stern" appears in the top right, and below that the words "Paramount Pictures" are visible. Whether Howard Stern himself is responsible for the leak, it's not looking good for The Howard Stern Show at the very least, with a source telling the WSJ that the DVD was sent to the show for review purposes, and it "somehow" wound up on torrent sites shortly after.

However it was leaked, producer Steven Spielberg and director JJ Abrams are sure to be pissed, as the movie isn't due for DVD release until fall. It's now spread like wildfire, with many mirrored copies available for downloading. [TorrentFreak and WSJ]


And I bet if you download the torrent you'll get a threatening letter from the MPAA and your ISP. It's not good to download these brand new releases unless you have some serious "privacy" methods. The MPAA hired guns are probably recording every IP adress.

Just a word of caution to those of you opening TPB in the next tab.