Worldwide Online Child Pornography Forum Busted in Largest Prosecution Yet

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72 people have been charged with their participation in Dreamboard, a members-only online forum that was created to promote pedophilia and "to encourage the sexual abuse of very young children". What these sick perverts did was absolutely disgusting.

Again, this is tough stuff to stomach, so feel free to stop reading here and know that according to the Justice Department, busting Dreamboard resulted in the largest prosecution of people involved in online child exploitation ever. The investigation lasted for 2 years and charged 72 people with 52 people already arrested. Thirteen have plead guilty and four have received prison sentences of 20-30 years.

Dreamboard required users to upload images of children 12 years or younger in order to earn membership. In order to maintain their Dreamboard membership, they needed to continue to upload images with more submitted images leading to more access to content. In all members traded tens of thousands images with one another. Attorney General Eric Holder says:

"Some of the children featured in these images and videos were just infants. And, in many cases, the children being victimized were in obvious, and intentional, pain - even 'in distress and crying,' just as the rules for one area of the bulletin board mandated."


Disgusting in every sense of the word. I hope they rot. [CBS News]

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Now hang on a second guys, cool down a bit.

I see all these comments about sending these people to death and seeing them rot and what not, and I am totally baffled.

What these people did was wrong, disgusting and perverted but they are going to go to jail, no doubt about that, they will get justice one way or another (hopefully).

But there is no need for the blood lust, I've met plenty of horrible people in my life (drug dealers, scam artists, bullies in my youth, murderers) but never once have I wished upon them as horrible a fate as death or torture.

I think we become so riled up in what has been done that we forget that no how great the offence these people are still human beings and deserve to be treated as such (despite how they might have treated others).

The only people who have a right to be angry are those whose children were affected by this, those people who were actually hurt by this, that is who we should be thinking about.

When you lay down with scum, lower yourself down to their level, you become no better than them. Let's remain civilized for a second here, and not make ridiculous claims even though this is the internet.

It takes a lot of patience to accept what a person has done and not get caught up in our own anger or personal feelings in order to do the right thing, but that is why it is the right thing. It is more difficult to not get angry over these despicable people than to be the better person but it is what we should do.

I dunno...if you think that killing a person who has done horrible things is right, because that is true justice or saves money or whatever, more power to you, but I disagree.

(As you might have already guessed I do not believe in the death penalty, and I lean more towards Locke than Hobbes, and I am also Batman on the weekends =D)