Anonymous Fires Back at NATO with FBI Hack, Releases 400MB of Their Data

Illustration for article titled Anonymous Fires Back at NATO with FBI Hack, Releases 400MB of Their Data

Despite the recent spate of arrests on their side, Anon released 400MB of NATO data courtesy of big-time cybersecurity firm ManTech last night. This is their way of making good on a promise and reiterating that they "aren't scared anymore".


You'll recall that NATO officially condemned Anonymous early last month. Well, as part of their long attack on ManTech, you'll find a bevy of stolen NATO reports from the past several years, financial charts, and pictures of personnel both on duty and at rest. Pretty big, and this is only a portion of the gig of data they say they're sitting on.

Anonymous effectively called ManTech's $100 million contract with the FBI into very loud question. Indeed, ManTech also have contracts with the likes of the DOJ, NSA, and and NASA. All of whom are at risk now that Anon has gotten inside. They end their release with this:

Dear Government and Law Enforcement, we are repeating this message as we have the suspicion you still do not take us seriously: We are not scared anymore and your threats to arrest us are meaningless. We will continue to demonstrate how you fail at about every aspect of cybersecurity while burning hundreds of millions of dollars that you do not even have.

Your move, guys. [The Pirate Bay via Slashdot]


How many more taunts will NATO endure from Anon before they say "Fuck you" and send in an armed drone instead of the police?

I won't happen.

But seriously, you can only hide for so long. Hell, the Unabomber lived in a shack, in the woods with no phone or electricity. And he still was found. I know, his brother ratted him out. But it only goes to show that no matter how careful you are to avoid capture, you will get caught because of something stupid you never even considered.

Anon may be smart.

They may be very good at hiding themselves.

But someone, somewhere will make a teeny-tiny mistake, and they will get caught.

And, I guarantee they will not enjoy their captivity one bit.