Cube Dog: Dogs Were Alway Cooler Than Tamagotchis

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I'm not responsible enough to get a real dog. I can barely take care of myself and you want me to care of another living being? No way, not yet! Thankfully, Cube Dogs for iPhone are super easy to care for, it's like Tamagotchis but in dog form. Which means, it's better silly.


What's it do?

It's a living virtual pet. You can customize your cube dog anyway you'd like with different eye shapes, nose shapes, ears, feet, body get the point. Any way you create them, they'll have oodles of character and bundles of cuteness. The Cube Dog is 3D and interactive too so you can poke and pet to have them react to you and pinch and swipe to see them from every angle. It's the joys of having a pet without any of the work. They can do like a million different tricks (real number: ~50) Perfect! (Yeah, there's no emotional connection but so what. Can you dog pretend to be a zombie!?)

Why do we like it?

Okay *deep breath* I'll go first. I once owned a Tamagotchi and was super addicted to it. And it's been a long time since then! Obviously, I outgrew the Tamagotchi (I swear!) but it doesn't mean virtual pets got any less cute. Plus, Cube Dog has a ton of tricks in their arsenal and did I mention they were so gosh darn cute. You can make them do special tricks (like turn into Frankenstein or act like a ninja), play with them (fetch, baseball), take pictures of them wherever you are (the app imposes your Cube Dog on top of the real life background) and even have them repeat whatever you say in a cute and funny voice. It's not quite Tamagotchi-like because you don't have to raise it but hey, that's even better for irresponsible people like me, I just want to PLAY PLAY PLAY.

Illustration for article titled Cube Dog: Dogs Were Alway Cooler Than Tamagotchis

Cube Dog

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