What Does It Mean to Be a Photographer These Days?

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According to the most popular definition on Urban Dictionary, it's "what just about every scene kid and hipster under the age of 25 calls themselves these days. Many own Canon Rebel xtis and rely heavily on cropping and Photoshop filters to give their otherwise mundane photos an "artsy" feel."


Continuing on, our wisecrackin' dictionary writer notes:

"It is also not uncommon to see them wielding Lomography cameras (usually a Holga, now that they're sold at Urban Outfitters) on any given day. Typically, these "photographers" cite Diane Arbus, Robert Mapplethorpe, or, in the case of those Vice Magazine devotees, Terry Richardson, Cobrasnake, or Richard Kern, as major influences, because they couldn't name any other photographers to save their lives.

The typical subjects of their photographs include, but are not limited to: pidgeon-toed girls in Converse that have been drawn on with ballpoint pens and/or Sharpies, flowers/weeds growing out of cracks in sidewalks, juxtapositions of objects that typically don't go together (in one such case, a Queen of Hearts playing card on a cracked sidewalk), a girl who looks like something out of an American Apparel ad smoking a cigarette, decaying buildings, and just about anything that looks "vintage" (ie, yellowing washing machines in a laundromat)."

Guilty on most counts, your honor. [Urban Dictionary via PetaPixel]

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You know how to tell a photographer from a faux-tographer?

Give them an old school 35mm SLR, no auto-focus, no auto-exposure, no photoshop, no post processing, no digital filters, nothing. Better still, force them to develop the film themselves.

A true photographer will relish the challenge. The hipster faux-tographer will will whine. Why? The true photographer see the desired image in his head first then uses the tools at his disposal to achieve that. The faux-tographer just takes crap-loads of pictures then plays with photoshop until they accidentally gets something that looks kinda artistic.