Apple Products Are Taking Over Our Schools

While we were loathe to even mention Apple's lame, revamped back-to-school promotion in June, the rest of the country saw the deal as too good to pass up. Apple products are simply killing it in schools, people, killing it.


The deal, if you'd forgotten or couldn't be bothered with the link above, was a $100 credit for the App Store (or iTunes), which was given in lieu of the previous year's well-known and established free iPod. We thought the deal was bunk; that it had no future—that students would rebel and choose a Windows machine or forgo college altogether!

No such luck. Analyst firm Global Equities Research reports that Apple has easily bested its Redmond-based rival when it comes to the hardware they're choosing to lug to campus (physical, online or otherwise, actually, as even the University of Phoenix is reporting an uptick in Mac-equipped students).

Worse still—if you're an Apple hater, anyway—is that this runaway success has bled into the enterprise space. According to Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdrhy, in the red stapler arena Apple products have secured a seat at the table in about 35% of Fortune 500 companies, and "a majority are preferring Apple over Windows."

From there, the data concerning iTunes sales, iBooks sales and iOS app sales reads like a runaway profit train for Apple and its 3rd developers. If seeing exactly how much insane profit Trip thinks Apple will make in the coming years is your thing, hit that link below to find out more.

That said, many of those computers could be running a Windows virtual machine on Parallels, so don't go dropping out of school just to avoid all those extra Apple laptops on campus, OK? [AppleInsider]

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Where does the money come from? I'm a student, I can barely afford my broadband bill, how can I pay for a MacBook? The most basic one is £860 or so. I've got a cheapo Dell, specced up quite a bit but it cost me £700. An equivalent MacBook Pro (15 inch screen...) would have cost me £1400 at the same time.