Sauce-Injected Nugget Is One Giant Leap for Mankind

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It's a little sad that the shuttle program is coming to an end, but, on the bright side, we have no reason to fear human ingenuity is ending. Why? Just look at these syringe-pumped McNuggets. Our future is bright, humans.


McNuggets? Delicious. Dipping sauces? Delicious. The combination? My god! But the dipping process is sort of crude, no? I feel like a neanderthal dipping my fingers in the blood of a bludgeoned foe or something, not a 21st century fast food snacker. So what if the sauce was already inside the nugget? Yeah. Yeah.

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt over at Serious Eats accomplished just this with nothing but a syringe and a dream. The result? A McNugget with a pocket of goopy mana inside. The perfect piece of heavily processed meat in your mouth. Now, I wouldn't advise walking into McDonalds with a syringe, for a variety of social and legal reasons, but for home gorging, this seems like a fun trick. Just make sure to swap out a clean needle before your post-nugget heroin spree. [Serious Eats via Neatorama]


This jives not with my standard practice of McNuggetting.

STEP ONE: Order 20 piece McNuggets*

STEP TWO: Request dipping sauce**

STEP THREE: Request more dipping sauce**

STEP FOUR: Fill McNugget carton with dipping sauce.

STEP FIVE: Consume with spoon as eating cereal.

* New 50 piece McNugget is an acceptable substitute.

** Who are we kidding? The only sauce worth getting is the Barbecue sauce.