There Will Be Two iPhones This September, Rumormongers Insist

Rumors of two iPhones launching in September refuse to die, with 9to5Mac hearing last night that Apple will have "two totally distinct iPhones," matching previous reports of a high-end model with all-new design, and a brand new cheaper model.

9to5Mac has speculated that like Apple selling the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 at the same time, they might just sell the iPhone 4 as the affordable option, and launch the iPhone 5 as the new high-end option. That would be one move sure to piss off any current iPhone 4 owners whose phones are suddenly viewed as "cheap," and Apple would have to do some serious number-crunching to be able to slash the iPhone 4's price to what their competitors are selling their budgetphones at.


Whatever Apple does this September, if the WSJ is correct about next year's iPhone 6—yes, really—then that might be the one to wait for, what with its new wireless inductive charging and hoverboard features. [9to5Mac]


Will this "affordable" iPhone have an equally affordable data plan...

Me thinks not...