A Quarter of All Car Crashes Involve a Gadget

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If your smartphone doesn't kill you with cancer, it might be fated to help crash your car: MSNBC reports that according to a study by the Governors Highway Safety Association, 25% of all car crashes are connected to portable electronics.


The study pulled together hundreds of previous papers ob the subject, and concluded that a full ban on both phones and hands-free accessories was wise for new drivers, along with a national ban against in-car texting. The reasoning? The study was unable to furnish any proof that Bluetooth headsets make driving while talking any safer. Certainly not news that Bluetooth headset users—or the companies that make them—will be thrilled to hear. But unlike those companies, the people behind this study don't stand to make or lose money on the efficacy of said devices. [MSNBC] Photo: Poulsons Photography/Shutterstock



New drivers (under 30) should also be banned from discussing anything while driving with passengers. Not long ago two young women driving behind me on the freeway were having such an animated discussion they almost hit me when I brake checked them for following way too close. IN THE SLOW LANE - at 60 in a 65 on a three lane freeway.

pre-emptive "fuck you!" to anybody taking their side.


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