The Internet's Allowed To Use "Generic Top-Level Domains," Like .Modo

ICANN's signed its name on the dotted line for the proposal to create new domain suffixes in the style of their last decision, .xxx. As CNET reports, there are only 22 GTLDs in existence today (.org, .edu and so on), but with this decision we could expect to see specific endings for companies, categories or self-promoting individuals.


Before you go registering .Dave, hear this—it costs $185,000 to apply for your own domain, plus $25,000 a year for the registry. [CNET]


Sounds like a nightmare for consumers to now remember all the new names that will get created? Every company in the world with deep pockets will want something crazy.

.microsoft, .apple, .whateverlargecompanywantstopay...

The current TLD's are already abused and not used for what they are intended for.