A More Magical Metal Kone for Brewing Coffee

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The coffee produced by Coava's Kone is different: a crazy hybrid that "gives you the control of a Chemex and the tannic cup you get from a French press," says the NYT's Oliver Strand. Now there's a newer, better Kone.


The Kone's original pattern was keyed to a particular super pro grinder, so paired with basically every other coffee grinder in existence, the resulting cup was siltier than intended. And the Kone was weirdly fragile for a piece of metal—one of the Cafe Grumpys in NY switched to the Kone exclusively for manually brewed coffee, and after a few weeks, their Kones are so very, very sad looking. So! The new Kone's designed to be used with lots of different grinders, the new stainless steel is more robust and if you've got fragile hands, man, they're doing a rubber ring to keep your mitts from getting diced by the Kone's sharper parts.

Downside? It's still $50. But if you make a lot of coffee, it might be cheaper than priceyish Chemex paper filters in the very long run. [Coava]

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My great hesitation to ever use metal filters or a french press is the fact that certain oils aren't filtered out, which can increase cholesterol.

Coffee can be incredibly healthy, but not when it's jacking your cholesterol up. I'm still relatively young, but I've no intention of fucking things up unnecessarily.

I'll stick with paper filters, thanks.