Read Sarah Palin's Emails Like It's Your Own Inbox

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Have any interest in reading over 14,000 emails from then-Governor Sarah Palin's personal account? What, don't you want to find out what wine spritzer she liked to pair with moose nuggets? This fully searchable "inbox" makes Palin's inbox yours.


Sarah's Inbox, helmed by government transparency advocacy Sunlight Foundation, puts the recently-FOIA'd dispatches into a familiar, GMail-style interface. Just search her stuff like you were searching your own. Most of it's pretty mundane, but then again, after simply searching for "moose" I came across this gem (subject line: "Wooten's moose"):

Chuck Heath wasn't going to "shoot a moose, period", as Wooten claims. And after the hunt Wooten told Chuck Heath that Molly DID shoot that moose, which wasn't true. As WPD officer Chris Watchus testified (he was the hunting partner in the boat as Wooten illegally shot the animal from a motorized vehicle, which is also illegal), Wooten did not give Molly a chance to shoot it before he fired. Afterwards, Wooten threatened Molly that she'd better not tell anyone, but people eventually found out about it after Wooten bragged about the hunt.

This isn't exactly WikiLeaks-caliber stuff here, but amusing (and surprisingly illuminating) nonetheless.

There are 93 pages of results for "moose." [Sarah's Inbox via Sunlight Foundation, Photo: Shutterstock/Christopher Halloran]


Why can't this woman f**k off from the limelight and die? Slowly.