Cyclist Argues Against Police Fine in Slapstick Cycle-Lane Video

Perhaps throwing a cyclists' yellow card on cars obstructing the bicycle lane would've been a less aggressive way to go about his complaint, but then we wouldn't get to see this cyclist, Casey Neistat, make such a fool of himself.

As the video intro explains, he received a $50 fine for not cycling in the bike lane. As Manhattan-dwellers know, there's been a debate brewing for some time now over the cycle lanes, and the police who ticket cyclists, so Neistat's video set out to show the world just how difficult it can be sticking to the rules.


I say "rules" instead of "laws," because contrary to the policeman filmed by Neistat, it's not actually illegal to cycle outside of the lanes. [Gothamist]

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The unfortunate part is that, thanks to this video, there is now video proof that he willfully and with intent hit the back of a police vehicle with his bicycle when there was clearly room to avoid it. He'll probably get a ticket for that.