These Tools Look Like Props From Evil Dead

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These tools look bad ass. They've got names better than any Nordic Black Metal band. They look like they've just been released from a lengthy prison sentence. I can't decide if I want to use them to build a shed or mash a zombie.


The "Dead On" Steel framing and construction hammer uses a patent-pending "tuning fork" design to eliminate most vibration before it gets to the handle. The "Death Stick" hammers feature an S-7 investment cast head, which is harder and tougher than standard 1060 steel. And the "Annihilator" seven-function wrecking bar could probably take a house apart from the shingles down if given half a chance. [Dead On via Man of the House]



Don't know if I like the sharp point on the bottom end of the Annihilator (far left one). If I'm swinging it to break apart woodwork and tile, I don't want a pointed end ready to slice open my forearm with one off-center/glancing hit. Built in bottle opener is nice though :)