The "iPod of the Hotel Industry" Has a Giant Robot Arm For Storing Luggage

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Ever wondered what happened to Bjork's robot arms? They're hauling luggage in a Manhattan hotel, due to open on the 1st of June. It's yet another technological feature from Yotel, which dubiously called itself the "iPod of the hotel industry."


A previous look at the Times Square hotel showed it resembled a Virgin America flight, but I don't remember robot arms when I last flew with them, thankfully. Nonetheless, the purple mood lighting, flat-screen TVs, self-service check-ins and cramped interiors definitely swing it though,


The Yobot arm picks up luggage you drop off in the lobby, and can store it in a locker if you want to go sightseeing after checking out. On your return, you simply place a ticket into the system, and the Yobot retrieves your haul. It will cost $2 to store each piece of luggage though, a service which is usually free at most hotels. I'm not sure that's a price I'd be happy paying, but it's got to be better than tripping up Manhattan natives on their daily commute. [Yotel via Cnet]

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I've been past that place. The logo looks like a crappy restaurant.