Facebook Hunting Kiddie Porn Pervs with Microsoft Algorithm

The internet can literally only agree on one thing: child pornography is awful and the worst. And if there's one place I don't want that bile winding up, it's on my precious Facebook. Microsoft to the illegal-photo-tracking rescue.

The tech, called PhotoDNA, cross-references photos—even if they've been cropped or edited—against a giant database of illegal images. Each vile pic has its own hash, and PhotoDNA is able to detect even a snippet of it—kind of like the way a virus scanner picks up malware. Now, I'm no child porn purveyor, but Facebook strikes me as a poor place to house your disgusting crime hobby. You know, being a social network with over half a billion users and whatnot. Still—anyone deranged enough to trade in child porn is perhaps crazy enough to think Facebook's a reasonable place to store it, so it's nice to see some safeguards in place. [NYT]

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MAKE2 Mifune

How do they determine what is child porn and what isn't? Who is blessed with that disturbing job? There are some legal adults who look underage and vice versa.

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STATUS: postin up some CP

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