Fukushima Was Ruined by Quake Even before the Tsunami

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We've long assumed that the double decker disaster scenario of a massive earthquake and tsunami caused the Fukushima meltdown. Turns out, all it took was the former, which knocked out Fukushima's cooling in less than 10 minutes.


Records released by TEPCO from the day of the quake show that the plant began to plunge into crisis long before the tsunami even hit—severely overheating and quickening the subsequent meltdown. Of course, the damage from the tsunami didn't help. But this revelation means simply building protective sea walls won't keep Japan's other nuclear sites safe—just being in a quake-prone region is enough to cause disastrous damage. [New Scientist]



Eventually the real truth, like the truth about Chernobyl through a great documentary(Battle for Chernobyl - Google it) will come out. They(TEPCo and the Japanese government) can only hide the truth for so long. Until we can build extremely safe reactors, and have a means of dealing with these reactors when their safeguards completely fail, and have a place to store the waste they develop - we "DO NOT NEED TO BE BUILDING THESE". There are safer and greener alternatives.