GPS Tracking with Google Earth

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Here's two GPS tracking devices that you probably have absolutely no use for, but are interesting enough to show you anyhow—both allow you to see where they are at all times on Google Earth. Worldtracker SMS will alert you to its whereabouts through—you guessed it—SMS to your cellphone and then lets you watch it live on Google. And all for just $600 plus subscription cost! A cheaper option is the TrackStick, a 1GB USB stick with built-in tracking that will give you your exact whereabouts by just sticking it into any computer's USB port. This one is just $300 with no subscription fee. Again, no idea why you'd use either of these, unless you're completely bored or have no sense of direction. Or work for the CIA of course. But here's yet another useless aspect of Google Earth for you!


G007gle Earth [ogleearth]

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I can think of a few practical applications for these units. If going on an extended family vacation, I can imagine having one of these small units hidden in your vehicle could easily be used to track down your car in the event of it being stolen. I have seen similar products for half the cost and that was several months ago. This could be an essential devise for the RV traveler, often ones vehicle is left unattended, giving the criminal minded the opportunity to drive off with all you have. Might be even a great item to have for the trucker, for his family to keep track of where he is and to help put perspective on his travels. The same could go for a family member who travels over-seas. Newlywed couples planning on going on a cruise might find something like this useful, it's easy to get lost or separated in foreign places especially in busy ports.

One thing I don't like is the word subscription, I think they have software you can download that helps with the tracking, I still would have to do more research to know more about this end of things. Hate to think you pay all that money for something and you have to keep paying monthly to keep using it.