iPod Video Privacy Filter

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The only thing hindering my iPod Video is the inability to fully enjoy the video in public. Believe it or not I get self-conscious watching fetish porn in public.


The foreign company, Digital CowBoy, has released a product for all of the fetish porn fans out there. This privacy filter makes the screen on the iPod Video only viewable from directly in front. No more worries about that neighbor on the subway thinking you are a freak. Watch away, friend.

PodCowBoy [Akihabara]


ViewGuard Privacy Filters for Laptops/Notebooks, Desktops, iPods and other Mobile Devices: www.BuyViewGuard.com

Features of ViewGuard™ Privacy Filters:

Privacy Protection: ViewGuard™ Privacy Filters prevent information thieves and curious individuals from viewing your computer screen while you work in public areas including office buildings, coffee shops, airports, airplanes, train stations and restaurants. Only those directly in front of the computer will be able to view the screen when a ViewGuard™ Privacy Filter is attached. Individuals viewing from an angle of 30 degrees or more will only able to see a dark screen and will not be able to read any information on the screen.

Anti-Glare Features: ViewGuard™ Privacy Filters are coated with an anti-glare technology, which significantly reduces glare caused by sunlight and florescent lighting. Glare is a common cause of eyestrain among computer uses.

Clear & Sharp Image Detail: ViewGuard™ Privacy Filters do not blur or distort images on your screen. With a ViewGuard™ Privacy Filter attached your screen view remains clear and sharp with improved contrast and privacy without blurring.

Screen Protection: ViewGuard™ Privacy Filters help protect the screen from damage including fingerprints and scratches. ViewGuard™ Privacy Filters are easy to clean. Simply use a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth to wipe away fingerprints and debris.

Low-Profile Design: ViewGuard™ Privacy Filters were designed to maximize your privacy while having a sleek and low-profile. The filter fits directly on your screen with attachment technology provided with your purchase.

Easily Attached & Removed: ViewGuard™ Privacy Filters are easily attached and removed without damage to your screen and the filter can remain in place even when you close your notebook or laptop computer. The filter fits directly on your screen with attachment technology provided with your purchase.