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Osama Had a Large Stash of Digital Porn Movies at Home

Illustration for article titled Osama Had a Large Stash of Digital Porn Movies at Home

According to US officials speaking on condition of anonymity, Osama bin Laden had a "fairly extensive" stash of "modern" high quality porn at his hideout in Abbottabad. But, if he didn't have Internet, how did it get there?


Most probably, one of Osama's cronies sneaked the porn material into the house just like they sneaked his emails—using a thumb drive or perhaps they just bought their DVDs at Scoreland (NSFW) and got them delivered to a PO Box. Who knows.

US Officials can't confirm whose porn stash it was or if bin Laden used the porn himself. Other officials said it's not uncommon to find digital porn in this kind of hideouts. It seems that someone in there can't wait to die a martyr and get his 40 virgins. Or not-so-virgins. Maybe they only watched lesbian porn. [Reuters]

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72 virgins.


All dudes.