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Crucial's New SSDs for Laptops

I let most component news hit the floor but I can't seem to get enough of SSD news because of how much I want my laptop to stop ticking and clicking and whirring. Crucial's new M4 line of 2.5-inch SSDs just came out. Cult of Mac says:

Crucial has just launched its new M4 lineup of 2.5-inch solid-state drives, which are the successors to the RealSSD C300 range, and boast faster read and write speeds. The M4 uses 25nm technology NAND flash created by its parent company Micron, and is available in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB models.

Crucial claim the new M4 SSDs reach read speeds of up to 415MBps – a 17% increase over its predecessor – while write speeds are up 20% with speeds of up to 260MBps.

As with all SSDs, however, this technology doesn't come cheap. The 64GB M4 will cost you $130, which rises to $250 for the 128GB, $500 for the 256GB and $1000 for the 512GB. All can be purchased directly from Crucial and include a three-year warranty.


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My laptop doesn't make any noise at all but I've got a Panasonic DVD recorder that makes the most ungodly sounds. A friend told me to bang it on the top but that didn't fix the problem at all. I have to admit, the recordings are good, nonetheless.