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Here come the cellphone watches, with this $499 Dick Tracy-esque model from SMS Technology Australia being the second one we've seen this month. Called by its maker "the world's smallest wrist phone," My MobileWatch has an internal antenna, voice dialing and hooks up to Bluetooth, so imagine yourself wearing a tiny headset and just nonchalantly using your watch as a phone.


From what we could gather on the company's website, the MobileWatch is not quite ready to ship yet, but they're telling us to hurry because there will only be 30,000 watches available. Both of those little pieces of information make us slightly nervous. With its GSM functionality, the company says you can place an existing sim card into the unit, and then you'll be making phone calls from your wrist. Hey, it's just like Dick Tracy used to do, but better. His was just a two-way radio, with no Bluetooth!

What's intriguing about the MobileWatch is that it looks like it's just about the same size as a normal watch, unlike other attempts at this concept we've seen. One to watch.

Product Page [SMS Technology Australia] Thanks, Kev!



My Review:

Sadly, this device has not lived up to what was described on the [] website when the money was actually paid.

This is what was promised on the mymobilewatch site written out for all to read and expected by the SMS Technology company:


Time/Date, Last Number Redial, Recent Calls, Missed Calls, File Manager, 199 Contacts, SMS Messages, Multi Languages, Flight Mode, Email.


USB Travel Adapter and Charger, Bluetooth Wireless Headset and Spare Battery .


:: Model: M500 Quad Mode, Touchscreen, Java and WAP enabled

:: Weight: 60g

:: Color: Silver or Black with Metal or Leather Strap

:: Screen: TFT 1.5 - inch color touchsreen 120 x 160

:: Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz (GPRS), SIM

:: Communication: Email (pop3), Full SMS and MMS functionality

:: MP3: Support AAC/MP3 and MP3 ringtone capability with vibration alert

:: MP4: Support Video Playing in 3GP format

:: Input: TFT Touchscreen with Built-in 2in retractable Stylus

:: Memory: 128MB Built-in Memory / with U Disk functionality

:: Battery: 2 x 400mAh, Talk Time 200 Minutes, Standby Time 80 Hours

:: USB: For Data Transfer and Recharging

:: Bluetooth: 2.0 A2DP (stereo)

The water-resistant (not water proof) M500 works on GSM Quadband frequencies which are 850Mhz, 900Mhz, 1800Mhz and 1900Mhz. This allows any individual who has a GSM SIM card to use the M500 in any country around the world. The M500 has a built-in MP3 and MP4 player, Voice Bluetooth, Data Bluetooth, 128MB standard memory and U Disk functionality for all JM2E applications. TFT Touchscreen is the biggest advantage of this unique device, allowing stylus writing and touch input for the lack of a keyboard.


After spending $1000 and waiting for months to receive it, with repeated unanswered emails, and phone calls and run-around statements of "it's coming, theres a problem", "it's coming, there's another problem", etc. etc... Here is the list of Problems with my M500:

01. The unit that arrived does not have the 850Mhz freq (this was the major buying point as the higher freqs don't work as well where I am.)

02. The battery it came with is not 400MAH and is stamped 290MAH

03. No one can hear me using the mic it came with

04. The speaker it came with is VERY distorted (difficult to understand so it's pointless to listen to for music or voicemail)

05. The wall Charger it came with does not work (the usb cable it came with is touchy (bump and it disconnects which is the only other charge option so I had to have a USB outlet)).

06. The voice dial on this unit is not an available function

07. The email software on this unit is touchy it typically will not show the body, just a subject

08. The BT headset it came with always has static more than 6in away, so it's useless unless you hold the watch up near your ear which if I were going to do that, I'd use the poor mic installed in this unit.

09. Java (J2ME) in this unit is not user functional as claimed by the company before purchase it would be (your not able to use any java applications you might load via the udisk functionality)

10. (so far) I've not been able to find a service/software/functionality option for connecting the data via BT to my pda or laptop, so using it as some sort of gateway is (in this unit) non-functional.


These are not false statements (so please don't try and claim they are, as they are my experiences with their company both before the purchase, during the purchase and after receiving the initial device), these are facts based on what I recorded from their site and their (seemingly solo) customer service rep before and when I purchased it and what I actually experience(d) after receiving it.

I know I'm repeating myself, but some just don't seem to get it.

Here is the kicker.... I've been trying to get a replacement ever since, due to all the faulty and incorrectly stated functions that are not present for one that is as what I paid for.

With that, (again experience, not false)... I've emailed more times than I can count, typically I get bounced email after bounced email, (no email server or no user exists), if I call them the number has been disconnected, reconnected, disconnected, and if it does ring, no one ever answers.

On the rare occasion that an email got through (or seemed to) I either (in most cases) got no reply or directly after their Business Director would tell their customers over their forum or another forum (I'll get to that later) that "it's coming", it's been shipped" you would get an email from the solo rep (so it seemed) similar statements. With that, the average person would be content to wait for it, (as seemingly did most reported on the "about that later" forum without word) until another month went by and nothing. Anyway this is still going on, with no replacement in site, and the device was ordered last year.

The customer service has been shotty and spotty at best, with The business director (Gavin) frequently calling people names, and basically representing his company poorly.

Now, on to the "I'll get to that later" forum... I had frequented a discussion forum for watches with cellphones built in (mentioned above) where many individuals seem to experience the same fate (so I felt some comfort (as odd as that sounds) knowing I was not the only one.

Sadly it seems that yesterday, the owner was bullied (no surprise by Gavin's recorded behavior on the same forum) into giving up their domain name(s) which made it easier for those needing good education about this device and similar before buying.

With that, I conclude that my experiences with the Company SMS Technology (also known as [] and [] (a new website it seems possibly new device)) have been horrid to say the least. The product I expected to get and paid to receive was (aside from untimely in it's promised arrival and still not replacement) far from what I ordered, missing so many promised and (written on their site) elements and being basically a useless device (at least for me).

Take that for what you will, but since they have forced the web site that had good and plentiful user reviews to go away, we must be able to educate others on our experiences somewhere, no?

I hope that the company can bounce back from the faulty and falsely advertised (as delivered to me) device as well as take some courses on customer service, but only time will tell. In the mean time, it's all up to you, as a consumer of the world, make sure to do your research before you buy, especially if you plan to plop down a huge chunk of money in the unfortunate current economy.