Design Concept: Moov Bike

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Yes, this is a design concept, it's called Moov, and it lets the rider change the separation between the rear wheels, enabling spectacular acrobatic stunts. Using what he calls "biomechanical muscles" to make it work, student designer Jean-Michel Raad created this concept which won first prize at the Coventry University MA Design Show. This is one bike design we'd like to see built.


Bust a Moov: concept bike goes 'biomechanical' [Sci Fi Tech]



ok, now I know that you're full of crap. Engineers have no business designing (styling) anything, and thus they don't. Tho that would explain why every single Honda is so ugly. No, no, Honda hires stylists just like every other car company, and they don't just "design the decals". Ever hear of something called Honda R&D? Yeah, its not a room full of engineers, tho they are there too.

Now that you've made me explain my post: Its a concept - its blue-sky. A student one at that and thus more so. Yeah, that tech is a tad far fetched. But where *do* you think things like this come from? Certainly not some engineer. Automotive design concepts are usually 4-10 years ahead of their time, and so they have to look forword to 'what may be' in terms of technology. The return of "suicide" rear doors (Honda Element), wheel hub motors (GM Hywire)... yeah, these were seen in concepts years before their time.