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The Smart Egg Tells You When It's Cooked

Illustration for article titled The Smart Egg Tells You When Its Cooked

The folks at the British Egg Information Service (what the?) got tired of telling people how to properly cook an egg that they made a new self-timing egg that tells informs the "chef" when it's done.


The egg has heat-sensitive ink that displays only when the correct temperature is reached, meaning when your egg is done. The eggs come in hard-boiled, medium, or soft varieties, meaning you have to buy the kind you want or else the ink is useless—it's not a three-in-one egg.

They should really put this into other foods, like steak. Maybe they could display "WELL DONE" or "MEDIUM RARE" in big black letters when the meat reaches the right temperature.


The smart egg that shows you when it's boiled to perfection [Times Online via Oh Gizmo]

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I wonder why they don't print "soft" "medium" and "hard" in each of the different inks on each egg?

Also, if the ink were on the outside of the egg, it would be exposed to 100C water immediately, turning black based on the length of exposure, not temperature as stated above.