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Xbox 360 HD DVD Showcase Roundup

Illustration for article titled Xbox 360 HD DVD Showcase Roundup

Microsoft's still being coy about the HD DVD drive they showed off at the DVD Forum in Los Angeles. Despite the tight-lipped policy about not giving out price or launch date, we do know a few more things.


The drive is about the size of a large hardcover book, and around half the size of the 360 console. The preliminary UI design was shown on Monday, and all guesses point to having a release date before Christmas time.


Microsoft threw in a little bit about not including the HD DVD inside the Xbox 360 because they wanted to give the consumers a "choice" between two formats. Or most likely, they didn't want to pick a side before a winner was decided.

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> The drive is about the size of a large hardcover book

Okay, Jason.. Fess up. What sort of books are you reading that are half the size of an Xbox 360?