Here's the next generation of that goofy idea of combining computers and refrigerators, the Electrolux Cyber fridge, whose next-gen innovation is its LCD screen mounted atop the box instead of on the door. Smart thinkin', Electrolux, because now that crowd of people reading email, buying and ordering food and reading Gizmodo in the kitchen won't have their concentration interrupted when you open the door to do something that normal people do in that room: get something out of the refrigerator.

But wait, isn't that a touchscreen up there? Apparently only the taller members of the household will be allowed to use this PC. Anyway, when are these appliance companies going to give up on this lame idea? People who have enough money to buy such a high-end refrigerator are probably smart enough to know what they have in the refrigerator and what they need to add to it or not. Give it up, dopes, nobody's that stupid.


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