Sony Ericsson K800i Available Soon In Brown

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If the basic black and grey color of the standard K800i isn't to your liking, perhaps you'll enjoy the 3.2 megapixel cameraphone in something a bit more...poopy? The Sony Ericsson k800i is going to be available in brown starting September, exclusively in the Hong Kong and Taiwan region. After that, it'll flow all over Asia, into Europe, spreading its caramel goodness into hands of eager consumers everywhere.


If we're good little boys and girls here in the US, we may even get one of our own! Wouldn't that be spectacular?

K800i Da Bian Yan Se [Phone Daily via Slashphone]

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yeeeah, i was kinda hoping that would say "Sony Ercisson K800i Available Soon In USA" :(

supposedly the K790a is the USA veriant of this, but its been like forever since it was released and i've not heard hide nor hair of it being available through any US carriers.