Dell Folds Up Dell-Branded MP3 Player Shop

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Dell knows when to quit, and they've done just that when it comes to making their own Dell-branded MP3 players. Their last available player, the DJ Ditty, was a flash-based MP3 player that went head-to-head with the iPod Shuffle. It was the last player available after Dell cut off their hard drive-based players back in February. Now, when you try to order it, all it comes back with is an error page.


If you're still intent on buying a music player from Dell—maybe because you have some crazy $37 off $21 coupon—they still sell players from other companies like Sandisk, Samsung and iRiver.

Dell quietly exits digital music player market [iLounge]

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This foray was doomed to failure at the moment Dell executives around some conference table decided "let's do it". All they had to do is ask me. To Dell: Please focus on your core competencies. Building custom PC's and servers better, cheaper, faster. Had they only asked.