Gamepark GP2X Available in U.S.

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Wait, wait, wait. Stop the presses—we don't actually use presses, but you know what I mean—something a bit epic is happening here. Remember the Gamepark GP2X? Yeah, that Korean game and portable media player. Well, it is coming to the states, baby. This is probably the first Korean gadget in the history of the world to actually make it to the states—not really, but with the mass amount of Korea-only gadgets coming out, it seems like it.

For a refresher, the GP2X shines because it is actually powered by Linux and encourages home-brew creations. It also includes a video player capable of MPEG, MPEG-4, DivX and XviD playback via SD memory. Dynamism is the lovely company making this device available to the U.S., and they are hocking it for $200. Not too shabby for a PMP and a gaming handheld.


Product Page [Via RetroThing]

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OK, answering a couple of questions:

Q. Does it support new large SD cards?

A. I'm pretty certain that the new firmware supports up to 4GB SD cards (whether or not that's the ones you mean, its still a lot of space!)

Q. Is this version different somehow?

A. Yes, it's actually the MK2 of the GP2X - with more solid internals/hardware and the 2.0 firmware preloaded (which is VERY nice!)

Q. How long do the batteries last?

I have some 2700MAh AA's and these puppys can go for over 11 hours... but that depends on what you're trying to do with it (watch vid's, play games, run emu's that sort of thing)

Q. Does it have wifi or some way of connecting to the net?

A. Doesn't have WiFi... but thanks to Eye.Fi (Which was on here a while back) you can get WiFi SD cards WITH storage... there are loads of WiFi SD cards out there without storage, and plenty of teams that are working on getting these working with hotspots/browsers.

It does have a USB port, but I'm unsure whether anyone's gotten this to connect to the net... and can't see why you'd want to bother.

Q. are there a good list of homebrew games out there?

A. It's _currently_ mostly EMU's and the like, but there are plenty of homebrew titles in development... and a couple of Pro developed titles too!

Q. Do you work for them?

A. No... i dont work for GamePark holdings - which is actually primarily based in Newcastle, UK -

I love this little piece of kit, and have both a MK1 and an MK2 - so you guys are in for a treat if you're skipping some of the early "teething" issues the MK1 had!