Vertu Constellation Luxury Cellphone, Supposedly More Affordable

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Vertu is going to launch a line of slightly more affordable "luxury" cellphones sometime this fall, giving them the name Constellation. Three different cellphones will be released under the Constellation moniker, one covered in 18 karat gold (pictured here), and the other two in polished and satin steel. Luxury, baby!

The GSM/EDGE cellphones, aside from being gilded, are fairly standard: expect Bluetooth and USB support, but then again, I'm pretty sure that my toothbrush has Bluetooth now, so it's really not that impressive.

While the Constellation cellphones are supposed to be more affordable, Vertu still hasn't said how much they want for their utterly amazing luxury cellphones. Given the company's history, though, affordable may be a bit of a misnomer.


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ei..with todays economy..who'd like to spend that much for gold plated cps..duhh..they do look fancy but can't the company produce affordable phones so that it'll be more affordable to the that way..both the company and the buyers can benefited by the product. =}