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Special Apple Media Event Planned For September 12: New iPods?

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Reports have surface on the Web today saying that Apple is inviting certain members of the media (read: not us, probably) to a "special event for new products." What products will be shown are completely unknown, naturally, but anyone with a pulse might hazard a guess that the event could be used to launch the new, proper video iPod, while some more adventurous people might mention "iPhone" in the same breath. Hopefully, they'll have their movie store worked out by then, or soon after.


The event, which is being held somewhere in northern California and perhaps at a Legion of Doom-like headquarters, is open only to invited members of the press. Additionally, the event is scheduled to take place at the same time as the Apple Expo in Paris. As it stands, Euro journalists will get to attend a videoconference in London of Apple's secretive northern California event. In any case, don't change that dial, since information regarding the event is likely to change quite a bit before it takes place.


Reports: Apple to hold special event on September 12th [iLounge]

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So is the event official already, or is Apple just going to surprise potential guests with an invite the day before? I mean, it's already Sept 1.

As far as what to expect, I figure it'll be a minor upgrade to one of their products. Probably a CPU upgrade like hybrid8 suggested.