Sony LocationFree TV LF-B20: A Wireless Place Shifter

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

What's going on with placeshifting watch-your-tv-from-anywhere-in-the-world gadgets? I'll tell you what's going on: Sony's LocationFree TV line gets the LFB-20 wireless video-streaming base station, and the LFB-10, which is an ethernet only version. The systems both use H.264 codecs to put video across your network to a PC, Mac, PSP, and Sony's dedicated display. And now, a regular old TV. *cough*obvious*cough* What will they think of next!? Jump, and I'll tell you the secret.


They're cheaper than the last generation, at $250/$200, and the updated codec lets it jam video across a network at a mere 300kbps.

John Falcone, over at CNET, hints that Sony is working on a client for mobile devices, and maybe a PS3 client. That would put it directly in direct competition not only with Sling Media's place shifting equipment, but the Xbox 360 and Windows Media Center's setup, too. Any competitive situation that makes it easier for me to watch TV while I'm taking a poo, I'm excited about.

Sony LocationFreeTV LF-B20 [Via Cnet]


Cripes, it looks like Sony is really pinning all it's hopes and dreams on the PS3. The only thing that makes this device atractive to me at all is the possible PS3/PSP tie-in. But talk about expensive to get the most out of those devices. I own none of them know, so for me the price of admission is pretty steep...

(Real) PS3 - $600

PSP - $200

HDTV - $800 (Samsung 30" Widescreen CRT)

LFB-10 - $200

TAX - $180

Total - $1980

Hmmm, I heard selling crack is rather profitable...