BlackBerry 8703e Now Available on Verizon Site

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We mentioned the Blackberry 8703e might be available through Verizon on August 28, but now it's official. Here it is a few weeks later than that and indeed it is now sitting there on the Verizon site, waiting for you to snap it up.


What's all the fuss? Well, it has a 320x240 screen and Bluetooth compatibility, it's nice and small at just over 4 inches high, and with its instant, always-on e-mail capability, it satisfies that Blackberry jones, to such an extent that people are still calling it a Crackberry. The best way to quit? Don't start. But if you must, it's $249 with a two-year contract or $399 with a one-year contract.


When the blackberry hit my work area, the upper managers thought they were so cool... Now they'll tell you they'd rather have been given the 'pox.