The iPhone 4 is Killing Compact Cameras When it Comes to Photo Uploads

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The iPhone 4 has steadily been pushing its way up the most-uploaded list at Flickr for some time now, but as TechCrunch notes, it's almost toppled the Nikon D40 off the pedestal. They estimate it'll be around a month when Apple receives the Flickr crown, and we can safely say that iPhone 4 owners upload the most photos online. On Flickr, at least.

Interestingly, the D40 is three years old, and the iPhone 4 is under a year old. Behind the iPhone is the Canon EOS Rebel XSi, which is also three years old. The second chart, above, shows the decline of the most popular compact cameras, which coincidentally are all Canon PowerShots.

So what's behind this trend? Is it that more people own iPhones than compacts, or simply that the iPhone's always-connected status (well, if you're not on AT&T, anyway) is a better conduit for uploading pics on the fly? [TechCrunch]

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Ha... It just goes to show you how many are content with quantity over quality. A true photographer would never use a PHONE for photography. I was sad enough when the age of traditional film rolls were obsoleted, now cameras as a whole are next? Heck no. I won't stand for this. If it comes to it, I'll be the last true photographer alive.