Official Apple Document Refers To "Touch-Screen" iPod

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German spies combing through Apple's developer support documents have made an interesting little discovery: an official mention of a touch-screen iPod! OMG! Yup, the developer docs mention "touch-screen" models. I've gotta tell you, there's nothing better than reading technical manuals looking for rumors to spread.


Granted, a super secret Apple higher-up already told us that a touch-screen iPod was to be released in November of this year, so we're not all that surprised. (Though the German article claims that no new iPods will be released until 2007.) The sooner they release it, the sooner we can all move on with our lives, such as they are.

Keine neuen iPods mehr vor 2007 (in Deutsch) [ via MacDailyNews]

Developer Guide [Apple, but a PDF]



Hey, don't blow past the first part of that document too quickly. It appears that those touch screen iPods will have customizable menus and such too.

Perhaps the Zune is putting some pressure on the iPod after all.

Ward, I'm sorry but it refers to 5th gen and then to touch-screen iPods. Twice. I'm thinking that isn't a typo.