Asteio D22 Shows Us Her Living Room Media Skills

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It takes the right mix of parts for a Media Center PC to truly impress us, but if we had the money, we'd be asking the Asteio D22 out on a date right this moment. The D22 is a Core 2 Duo-based Media Center that'll come with dual TV tuners, HDMI, component and DVI ports. It doesn't pack any fancy high-def DVD drive (not that we care), but she's got a wireless keyboard with a touchpad that yearns to be touched. And if you're worried she'll be too loud and wake the neighbors, the D22 packs Nvidia's GeForce 7600 GS card with passive cooling. But like we said, the D22's tastes are too expesive for us. She's asking $2,999.


Asus Asteio D22 [via Reg Hardware]



might be fun, but overkill, especially that price; what i need is just a simple machine to plug into my home's network that will allow me to stream music/video/pictures from one of my computers, or record to one of them in mpeg 4 ... thats all (some sort of fancy remote is assumed).