Slate Says The Nintendo Wii Rocks: Does It?

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Slate seems to be having more opinions about the Wii than Travis' parents had about his "lifestyle choice". Chris Suellentrop reverses Erik Sofge's earlier concusion that the Wii sucks, with a piece called "Wii Is the Champion". Shouldn't that be "Wii Are the Champions"?


Chris calls this as close to the holy grail of gaming as any console currently gets, simulating a virtual-reality machine at home. His wife, who seems to be a big complainer, enjoyed beating the Wii out of him in Wii Boxing. My own entrapped female (as did just about every reviewer's) felt the same way, dominating me in boxing until I cried for mercy—and a change of games.

Suellentrop continues...

...and concludes that Wii Sports is decent (not great) and gives people just a taste of what an actual sports game can do with refined Wii remote controls. The other two games, Excite Truck and Zelda gave him a mixed bag. He didn't like Excite Truck that much—neither did we—but he did say Zelda was too long for him to review yet. He complained about its lack of voice acting and dated graphics, which honestly didn't get in the way of gameplay at all for me.

In the end, Chris seems, like us, to be more enamored with the idea of what the Wii can eventually do rather than the games that are out now. Wii Sports is too shallow for more than a few hours of gaming during parties, and Excite Truck's control scheme is a bit awkward. Zelda is the only "must have" game on the Wii so far, and having already finished it, I can say that it's well worth the price of Wii admission to experience.

Wii Is the Champion [Slate]


It's too early to judge consoles a week after they are out. It takes time to utilise the console so the first games are just practice for the developers. We'll have to wait until developers use the full potential of the Wii to judge it. Hopefully it will change the way games are played.