Life Is Very Long When You're Zunely

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Despite declaring the iPod the winner of Christmas '06, we decided to use the Zune exclusively for a while because 1) we wanted to get an even better feel of what the Zune scene was like, and 2) we're tired of the iPod. After packing the essentials—clothes, laptop, Xbox 360—we set off for the airport with the Zune in tow. High hopes abound! Would we serendipitously meet someone with a Zune and trade songs? Will a fellow passenger strike up a conversation over the cocoa-colored player?


The short answer: no. The long answer...

Also no.

We admit, we did get a kick out of holding the Zune in a sea (if a sea consists of three people) of iPods. But as much as we wished, the "Searching for Zune devices" function always gave us a "no nearby Zune devices found." No matter, it was a big airport and we had time to kill. So we walked around like doofuses, stopping at each gate and scanning for fellow Zunesters. No dice.

After a while we were afraid airport security would stop us and ask us why we were roaming the airport like Dr. Egon Spengler searching for Slimer, so we headed back to our gate. We made sure to keep the player out of our pockets to see if it would generate some interest. And by interest, we just meant the bare minimum of "hey what's that? A Zune? Cool." We struck out on that front as well.

So what did we learn? Nobody has a Zune, nobody's really interested in our Zune, and even on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, airports are really frickin' busy. Like with grocery shopping, going to the dentist and taking the SATs, we probably would have had more luck if we were hot and female.

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